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The Hydrogen Future Awards 2024


The Hydrogen Future Awards 2024

Embark on a journey into the forefront of energy as we proudly unveil the Hydrogen Future Awards 2024. Immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Dubai on April 24th, 2024, and experience an exceptional evening dedicated to commemorating the trailblazers and visionaries who are shaping the very fabric of the hydrogen economy.

This esteemed occasion serves as a testament to the remarkable achievements of companies & leaders that are spearheading significant advancements in the hydrogen sector, all while displaying an unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and governance impact. From visionary investments to pioneering initiatives, the Hydrogen Future Awards 2024 shine a spotlight on the transformative prowess of hydrogen in forging a sustainable and prosperous world.

Join us in this unparalleled global congregation of pioneers, where the sharpest intellects and most audacious undertakings are duly celebrated. Seize the opportunity and submit your entry today to secure your place among the vanguards propelling the hydrogen revolution. 

Why The Hydrogen Future Awards?

A.  Boost Industry Promotion:

Elevate the visibility of your company through these prestigious Awards. Gain enhanced credibility for your brand, products, and overall business.

B.  Inspire Your Team:

Illuminate your team's remarkable achievements and acknowledge the contributions of every member. Reward their dedication and hard work with well-deserved recognition.

C.  Make your mark:

Showcase and celebrate your outstanding accomplishments from the past year. Receive industry recognition from esteemed experts and peers, solidifying your position as a leader in the field.

D.  Expand your network:

Seize the opportunity to forge valuable connections and establish new business opportunities. Rub shoulders with fellow award-winning companies and attract potential clients seeking to collaborate with industry leaders.


Awards Category

The Hydrogen Future Awards 2024 all refer to groups, businesses or organisations, public and private sectors. The companies that are nominated must be involved in the hydrogen industry and conform to the award description. All the winners will be announced at the Hydrogen Future Awards 2024 Ceremony on 24th April 2024 in Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE.

A. World Energy Transition Leader

This award aims to recognize influential leaders from international energy corporations who have made significant contributions to the global growth of the clean energy industry in recent decades.

C. Future Energy Leader of the Year

This award celebrates the global leading company contributing to renewable and sustainable development and pioneering advanced ideas to build a sustainable energy future in this current era of more energy and climate neutrality.

E. Hydrogen Technology of the Year 

This award acknowledges the advanced technologies, solutions and digital innovations that the organizations have developed and have positively impacted the hydrogen industry in aspects of production, storage, transportation and application.

B. Hydrogen Trailblazer of the Year

This category awards the individual who possesses strategic thinking and extraordinary leadership in their organization, and has contributed exceptional achievements that impact the global hydrogen industry over the past year.

D. Hydrogen Project of the Year

This award recognizes the projects company whose accomplishments make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of society and the hydrogen industry.

F. Hydrogen Rising Star Company of the Year

This award honors the new emerging company with great passion that can inject new vitality toward the hydrogen industry via clear and strategic professional and team goals.

Awards Ceremony Table Plan

Awards Timeline

Open for entry:  September, 2023
Final Deadline: March 15, 2024
Judging: March2024
Shortlist Announced: April 10, 2024
Awards Ceremony: April 24, 2024

Evaluation Criteria

A.  Safety and stability 30%
B.  Degree of the Technological Innovation 10%
C.  Technical and Environmental Benefits 30%
D.  Economic Benefits 20%
E.  Proof of Innovation 10%

The jury team gives scores of 1 – 5 for each of these dimensions.

  • 5 points: More than expected

  • 4 points: Meet expectations

  • 3 points: Basically meet expectations

  • 2 points: Fall short of expectations

  • 1 point: Not at all as expected

The Hydrogen Future Awards Past Winners

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