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IMPACT Webinar

Delving into MENA's Hydrogen Policy and Practice - What Lies Ahead for COP 28?

[IMPACT Webinar]: Delving into MENA's Hydrogen Policy and Practice - What Lies Ahead for COP 28?

[Date & Time]: 14:00-16:00 UAE Time November 1, 2023 WED

Format: Digital Conference (Zoom Webinar)


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region stands committed to forging a sustainable energy future, with a primary focus on achieving a decarbonized economy through the utilization of renewables and hydrogen. In order to capitalize on the existing momentum, it is crucial to identify the key catalysts that have propelled the region's hydrogen initiatives to date, as well as those that lie ahead. Through this webinar, we will navigate the ever-evolving landscape of low carbon-based hydrogen initiatives in MENA. Our exploration will encompass an in-depth analysis of policy plans, strategies, and frameworks implemented by countries and projects within the region.

What You Will Learn From:

  • Potential benefits and opportunities for the MENA region in embracing green hydrogen future

  • Perspective on the second-round auction for green hydrogen projects in Oman

  • UAE's vision for integrating green hydrogen into its energy mix and interpretation of National Hydrogen Strategy

  • Future strategies and measures that drive the investment of the green hydrogen industry in Egypt

  • Insights into "Morocco Offer" project and its roadmap for green hydrogen cross-border trade

  • Saudi Arabia's green hydrogen ventures and their implications for low-emission fuel exports


  • 200+ hydrogen policymakers, investors, developers, financiers, value chain partners and researchers.

IMPACT November 1 Draft Agenda (UAE Time)

14:00-14:20 | [Opening Keynote] Fueling Hope and Progress: MENA's Rise in the Global Green Hydrogen Revolution

14:20-14:40 | Revealing a Producer Economy from the Government's Perspective: Second Round Auction for Green Hydrogen Projects in Oman

14:40-15:00 | Decoding the UAE's First National Hydrogen Strategy: Policy Frameworks for a Sustainable Future

15:00-15:20 | Exploring the Green Hydrogen Policies and Practices: What Needs to be Done to Stimulate Investment in Egypt?

15:20-15:40 | Learning from a Frontrunner in Green Hydrogen Cross-Border Trade: The Roadmap of "Morocco Offer" Project

15:40-16:00 | Paving the Way for Low-emission Fuel Exports: Green Hydrogen Ventures and Prospects in Saudi Arabia

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